Proceeding directly to evaluation

Proceeding directly to evaluation

The new NCCP program allows individuals to proceed directly to evaluation.


What does this mean?

This means that you can proceed directly to evaluation without completing training.

The only requirement prior to proceeding to evaluation is to complete the context MED evaluation in the CAC Locker.


How do I do this?

Please contact you Provincial Sport Organization (PSO),


How much will it cost?

The cost of proceeding directly to evaluation is determined by your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), and is, at minimum, the equivalent of the cost of the fees associated to training, plus the cost of the evaluation.

As part of these fees, individuals will receive all of the training materials.


What happens next?

An email will be sent to your PSO for approval.

Once approved, the evaluation process is the same as a coach who has completed training.


What if I don’t pass?

You will not be able to complete an evaluation without training a second time.

You will be required to pay for and attend the training courses before proceeding to the evaluation process.